Frequently Asked Questions

Is it possible to inject the body fillers in the face?

No, the formula of the body fillers is not the same as the face filler. Body fillers require a much bigger particle size intended to be injected in the deep dermis. Please read the IFU inside the product box for exact indications.

What are the recommended cannula sizes?

Minor body contouring (Hands & Calves): 22 G or 50-100mm

Major body contouring (Buttocks or Concave Deformities): 18G or 100-150mm (Do not use 14 or 16G as it is too large, and the product will spread, making you inject more gel than necessary).

How many ml of product do I have to inject in each case?

The quantity will depend on what the patient expects/needs, and your professional opinion.

For buttocks enlargement we recommend starting with 3 syringes on each side to observe a satisfactory result. The final result will appear after 2-3 weeks, as the particle will keep absorbing water (advice: less is better, as the patient can always come back for more treatment, if the procedure does not have a suitable result. Hand treatments can be done with 1 syringe (0.5ml on each hand). In the case of lips, 1ml is sufficient for both: upper and lower lip. When it comes to cheek volume it mostly depends on how much volume is required.

Should there be any precautions before/after the treatment?

Make sure to ask the patient if they had previously injected any permanent or semi-permanent fillers, in which case do not proceed.

Make sure to ask the patient if they had any other dental/aesthetic procedure done in the past 15 days, in which case do not proceed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

HA is a natural substance present in the human body. With age it decreases and for that reason wrinkles appear and volume is lost.

What is Genefill?

Genefill is a hyaluronic acid dermal filler, and an anti-wrinkle treatment which stimulates the dermis to work actively against the natural process of aging.

How does Genefill work?

Genefill is similar to hyaluronic acid found in the skin. It is injected into the dermis replenishing natural hyaluronic acid and hydrating the dermis by encapsulating water molecules. As a result, Genefill returns volume and initial form to the skin.

When can I see result?

After a Genefill treatment you will be able to see instant results. The ultimate results are visible after 3-4 weeks, because the HA molecules will keep absorbing water and increasing the volume.

How long do the result last?

Genefill fillers last for several months. Exact duration depends on the quantity of product injected, the depth of the treatment and your lifestyle.

What is the difference between Ha filler and Botox?

Botox and Hyaluronic Acid (HA) fillers are both used to treat wrinkles, despite their mode of action being completely different. Botox is injected into the muscle, which causes local paralysis and therefore reduces expression lines. HA fillers are gels which are injected under the skin to fill wrinkles and smoothen the skin surface in a corrective method.

Can I get the filler when I’m pregnant?

Dermal fillers have not been tested with pregnant women, and therefore there isn’t enough definitive data to determine whether hyaluronic acid fillers are safe during pregnancy.

Is the treatment painful?

Some people may experience the treatment as a mild discomfort. Genefill comes with special needle for easy skin penetration.

What are the potential side effects?

The most common side effects include treatment site reactions such as swelling, bruising, redness, and tenderness. Your doctor will inform you about possible risks before the treatment.

Should there be any precautions before/after the treatment?

Some minor precautions are necessary after the procedure:

  • No workout for 7 days
  • No shower for 3 days (to keep tape in place)
  • No dental or other aesthetic treatments for 15 days (in the case of facial fillers)

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