Genefill recently held an interactive one-day live training and demonstration in Spain. The e-training course was designed to equip its attendees with the exact set of skills and knowledge required for doctors to ensure a safe and effective treatment of the most widely requested aesthetic procedures with Genefill. The practical cases illustrated were buttocks augmentation and hands correction with Genefill Contour, as well as cheek enhancement and marionette lines rejuvenation with the Genefill Face line. Attended by the region’s top aesthetic dermatologists and plastic surgeons, it was the brand’s first webinar to be conducted exclusively in Spanish.

Keeping the ongoing situation of Covid-19 in mind, the workshop premise was prepped extensively to maintain the highest standard of safety for the attendees respecting social distancing and precautionary covid-19 mandates. Even the demonstration was done in the presence of only twelve doctors, with over hundred attendees viewing it online from the comfort of their homes or offices.

As the only manufacturer of CE Mark certified HA-based body fillers in addition to face fillers, the training and knowledge of anatomy for the use of dermal fillers on body indications is especially important for doctors before they use the Genefill body fillers. This is why the Germany-based manufacturer has prioritized live demonstrations, educational workshops and shoulder-to-shoulder trainings. The worldwide pandemic, however has appeared to be a hurdle in dispensing this medically relevant information across to doctors. BioScience, however, continued expending their educational resources through the unique digital format while taking appropriate safety measures into consideration.

The workshop was be led by Dr. Luis Campos, a board-certified plastic surgeon and a recognized specialist in non-invasive procedures for the body and face. A graduate from the Miguel Hernandez University of Alicante, Dr. Campos is a specialized cosmetic surgeon with extensive breast reconstruction and aesthetic medicine proficiency. He is the co-founder of Principessa Clinic in Milan, where he focuses mainly on body remodelling treatments. He is also a distinguished member of the BioScience GmbH medical committee dedicated to educating industry professionals on the Genefill range of products. During the webinar training, Dr. Campos also shared his protocols and strategies for delivering the treatments safely and efficiently.

The exclusively Spanish session was broadcasted online to benefit all of its participants from wherever they were while conforming to the highest safety standards during this time. The on-screen session was also structured to instil a feeling of stepping right into the “Genefill Academy” among the participants using advanced multimedia resources and platforms. This allowed the attendees to see the demonstration as if they were physically there with several centred procedural shots to ensure a 360-degree learning experience.

The workshop allowed the attendees to not only learn more about the injection procedures but also discover the Genefill range of products and enhance their knowledge further with the live Q&A session where the BioScience Medical Committee answered all their doubts and queries.

While Genefill has been trying to offer an extensive amount of medical and educational information digitally, as medical device manufacturers they believe enormously in offering live demonstrations and practical hands-on training for the doctors. This workshop has further helped them establish a new learning pathway combining both digital and live training for enhanced learning of their global partners.