Genefill Qatar has recently held a workshop on safe body treatment with Genefill Contour. The training was conducted on February 8th at Global Medical Training Center with participants from across the country. The interactive training was among the first live demonstrations for Genefill to take place since the nationwide lockdown was lifted. The workshop was organized in accordance with the required procedural mandates, the premise was also prepared extensively to maintain the highest standard of safety with respect to Covid-19 regulations.

The attendees had the opportunity to learn from Dr. Onder Koprulu, a certified practitioner who led the training for body augmentation treatments with Genefill Contour. In addition to demonstrating the complete procedure, he also shared treatment protocols and necessary anatomical knowledge during the 3 hours educational session.

With the growing popularity of non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures for the body, ensuring a high safety standard has become a priority. As the only manufacturer of CE Mark certified HA-based body fillers, BioScience takes special consideration in educating and training professionals worldwide to effectively and safely perform the body contouring procedures with Genefill Body Fillers.