In a recent webinar held by IMCAS on their exclusive educational platform – IMCAS Academy, the CEO of BioScience, Dr. Eyad El Mchrif, was invited to be a part of discussion pertaining to the foreseeable challenges in the field of aesthetics following the paradigm shift. Broadcasted live on 21st October, he was joined by some of the top international industry leaders including directors and representatives of Merz Aesthetics, Vivacy, Neauvia, IBSA, and Hugel North-America.  The viewers had the opportunity to witness Dr. El Mchrif and other chair panellists deliberate the “new normal” of aesthetics while giving an insight into their strategies and plan of action to navigate this dynamic and turbulent industry landscape.

IMCAS has been the go-to reference for medicine’s aesthetic and plastic surgery fields for a very long time. Their popular yearly congresses are known for enlightening medical congresses and interactive discussions, offering plastic surgeons, dermatologists, and aesthetic practitioners top-quality educational content to improve their practice and get inspired. With the onset of lockdown due to the Covid-19 outbreak worldwide, ensuring the highest safety standard took precedence this year. Instead of allowing this to stagnate the flow of knowledge and hinder medically enriched dialogue among its attendees, IMCAS took on the challenge and reinvented virtual learning. This led to the launch of its first-ever IMCAS Academy with over 5000+ lectures and courses, free weekly webinars, a forum dedicated to complication cases, scientific articles, and more. The international platform’s webinars allowed its attendees to enjoy lectures from expert speakers and participate in the discussion in real-time from the comfortable and safe confines of their homes.

The live webinar was opened by Humber C Antunes, a partner at Gore Range Capital and Galderma’s former CEO. It was hosted together by Laurent Brones, coordinator of the IMCAS Global Market Summit, and Chignon Thierry, coordinator of the IMCAS Economic World Tribune. It was also joined by expert practitioners, Dr. Benjamin Ascher, IMCAS founder and Course Director from France, and Dr. Heden Per, BTS founder & Course Director from Sweden.

As part of the discussion, Dr. Eyad highlighted how he experienced the paradigm shift while leading the company during this uncertain period. Prioritizing the safety of employees and partners, the Germany-based organization exported all of their plans and actions online, leading to a series of innovative events such as their first-ever online live demonstration, series of educational webinars, as well as the onset of screen conferences.

“In my opinion, the BioScience team adapted very well and is still open to making the best of the situation in order to continue developing and expanding our solutions worldwide” remarked Dr. Eyad.

As the only manufacturer holding CE Mark for HA-based body contouring products, Dr. Eyad shared the beginnings of the unique line. With the introduction of body products in 2011, BioScience found itself amongst many market players; however, most of them lost their status as safe solutions, leaving BioScience the only provider of dermal fillers for body indications.He also mentioned that it took them nearly nine years to rebuild the market. This was mostly possible because the company’s strategy was not to focus on profitability but, more importantly, on providing high-quality products that can be used by doctors following intensive training and education from the BioScience medical committee itself.

“We can’t just give body contouring fillers to practitioners without sufficiently training them since that can lead to its misuse followed by adverse events. This is why we have been providing shoulder-to-shoulder trainings and going much beyond than just providing small workshops” The CEO added.

To ensure the highest safety standard, they have also been conducting many clinical trials, with two significant studies already underway and another being planned. One of them is based in the USA so they can expand to the important market of North America after obtaining FDA approval. To further these efforts, advanced technologies are also being utilized for increased efficiency, such as MRI scans after every follow-up and a 3D camera that will effectively judge the efficacy, safety, and duration of dermal fillers. He understands that the market for dermal fillers is a large one. Still, it’s imperative to know that only professional players will establish themselves in the market and grow. BioScience has a presence in over 77 countries, with nearly 38 more under registration and this tremendous growth has not been sudden but has been the result of well-thought-out strategies and consistent efforts.

Dr. Eyad informed that due to the Covid-19 situation, the company was delayed by a little on their clinical studies but have directed their attention to get it back on track. Regularities also remained stagnant for a short while, so they will be getting back to fast-tracking them. Despite the outbreak, the market is still growing, and the demand has not been adversely inflicted upon much. In fact, during this period of lockdown, BioScience reported a 25% growth, so they expect a favourable market in the future as well.

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