Genefill France recently organized a workshop on buttocks augmentation. The session was held on 14th February and demonstrated the unique treatment with Genefill Contour. Abiding with the current regulations, an exclusive group of 2 doctors received training from Dr. Franck Benabadji, a renowned plastic surgeon. Furthermore, the training was entirely in compliance with the Covid-19 mandates.

The elaborate workshop successfully illustrated every stage of the gluteal augmentation procedure with the body fillers. Dr. Benabadji emphasized the importance of consultation as he analysed the body to determine the areas of projection. He also advised to keep the body proportions in mind while augmenting for a harmonious silhouette. The HA gel of Genefill Body Fillers is different from the one in face fillers considering the particle size and concentration. It is imperative to be aware of the injection technique and anatomy while carrying out a body-specific procedure. Every step ranging from the administration of a local anaesthetic to the appropriate cannula and injection technique was thus clearly explained and demonstrated.

The patient described the treatment as mostly pain-free, with a feeling of minor discomfort during the insertion. With the conclusion of the implant, Dr. Benabadji dressed the injection points with sterile gauze pads and taped up the area.

The results, along with the workshop, were photographed and recorded. Before and After images further demonstrated the augmentation of buttocks after injection of Genefill Contour.

With the rise of non-surgical procedures, the demand for safer alternatives to body enhancement has grown significantly in the last few years. As the only manufacturer of CE-certified HA-body fillers, BioScience takes special responsibility in training professionals worldwide to effectively and safely perform the body contouring procedures with Genefill Body Fillers. This is one reason workshops and training are always acknowledged and promoted across all our communication platforms. At BioScience, we endeavour to encourage scientific education and practice among all our partners to ensure the best solution for our patients.